Root Seller Marketplace

...the way we eat represents our most profound engagement with the natural world. Daily, our eating turns nature into culture, transforming the body of the world into our bodies and minds.
— Michael Pollan

The Root Seller Marketplace (RSM) is located at 77 Main Street in Lancaster. Our goal is to increase access to healthy food for the greater community and also inform the public about Taproot’s other programs, initiatives, and events. The purpose of the RSM is to support a thriving local food system by:

a) providing space to local farmers, food producers, and artisan crafters to sell their products in a centralized, year-round location (Local Direct Vendors);

b) connecting patrons to regionally made retail products to limit the farm to plate footprint;

c) offering whole, nutritious food in bulk in order to reduce wasteful packaging;

d) offering educational opportunities that align with Taproot’s mission.

As an initiative of Taproot's, the Root Seller Marketplace effectively raises “funds” by implementing Taproot’s mission (via sales) instead of the traditional model of fundraising for the delivery of our mission. The Root Seller allows us to live out our mission every day by directly connecting us to our local farmers and food year round.


Who are our Local Direct Vendors? Find out HERE.


To become a Local Direct Vendor, please read our Information and Policies Sheet and apply below. Upon acceptance, you will be asked to sign a contract.


Make sure to check out our Events page for education programs and workshops held at the Root Seller Marketplace!

Farm-fresh Eggs ~ Local Produce & Meat ~ Raw Milk

 Fermented Foods ~ Artisan Cheeses

Bulk Food & Spices ~ Essential Oils & Herbal Tinctures

craft beer, Wine & Mead

So Much More!