The Root Seller's Role In the Local Food System


A strong local food system begins with our dedicated, hard working farmers. As consumers, we value the relationships we develop with them as much as their products; we all love our local farmers market, where we have the chance to get to know growers and producers. However, in order for our farmers to remain sustainable, and in order for our communities to develop a healthy food system and a stronger economy, these relationships must thrive beyond the summer months and throughout the week. We should not look at one outlet where a farmer sells their products as competing with another. We should instead look at all of the different places to access local food - CSAs, farmers markets, farm stands, local food stores, online marketplaces - as a way for our farmers to get their products into as many hands as possible. As a Food Hub, the Root Seller is a place for many of the same local farmers you know from the farmers market to sell their products in a collective space year round, seven days a week, making it possible for consumers to conveniently access those products. In other words, all of the venues farmers utilize to sell their products are integral parts of a vibrant, healthy local food system for producers and consumers – and that’s the goal.

Local Direct Members

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