Education Overview

Research shows that our early experiences in nature are precursors to caring for the environment as adults. This can be as simple as taking a walk in the woods or gardening and growing our own food. From the younger years, activities such as unstructured, imaginative play in nature, gardening, and lovingly preparing wholesome, nutritious meals should be a critical component of our education. Additionally, spending time immersed in nature as adolescents and young adults allows us to form life-long relationships with the natural world.

Taproot is an organization in which relationships are developed – with our food, with the environment, and with each other. Our programs are not simply based in agriculture, food, or ecology, but rather at the intersection of all three, because after all we are not separate but a part of a larger whole. 

Taproot’s philosophy of education is inspired by Waldorf Education - a holistic and aesthetic pedagogy that is child centered, developmentally appropriate, and nurtures empathy in order to develop a deep, caring relationship with the land. We believe that this relationship should be the end goal of environmental education as much as or more than the knowledge and awareness that is considered to make up ecological literacy. Click on the picture to the left to learn more about our Philosophy of Education.


We are working toward creating a learning center whose campus is an educational homestead comprised of a working biodynamic farm, whose programs and services are living systems rooted in the land and in community.